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Helena Maxwell Photography
Portrait Parties with an award-winning
The Newest Trend in Portrait Photography!
I get so much joy from taking photographs of people, especially children, and I wondered to
myself many times how I could make a living doing something I love. It's also important to me to
make a difference through my work, and I do that in many ways. One of those ways is to
donate at least 10 percent of all proceeds from parties to a charitable organization.

Portrait Parties allow me to do both. They are fun, free, and the newest trend in portrait
photography. Book a party with an award winning photographer today, and be the first in
your neighborhood to have one.

What is a portrait party? You invite your friends (and their children and families) to your home,
to the park or another location, or to my office, and have a gathering.* And feel free to bring
pets along as well! During the party, I will take both formal and informal photos of everyone at
the party (unless I'm asked not to photograph someone). You can invite as many people as you
want to, and I will take photos of both individuals and groups. If you like, I can set up a
backdrop for more formal, posed photos, or I can just take casual, artistic photographs. You can
see examples of my portrait work on my
portraits page.

Toward the end of the party, I will upload the photos I have taken to my laptop computer for all
guests to view, and if anyone purchases a CD or DVD with high resolution photos (a flat fee), I
will be able to provide that during the party as well.

Make your party a fund raiser of sorts - help others while having fun and getting great

What Makes Helena Maxwell Photography Different: As I mentioned above, I love to take
photographs, and I want to do something and make a difference every day. Because it is
important to me to give back, I will donate between 10 and 40 percent of all proceeds from
portrait sittings and print orders to one of the charities listed on my
charities page. If there is a
charity that is close to your heart, please discuss it with me, and I will consider donating to that
charity instead. Because different people like to donate to different charities, I will happily
donate to more than one of the listed organizations to accommodate the wishes of the party
Click here for more details about parties.

Host/Hostess Information: There is absolutely no cost to you to host a party, nor is there ever
an obligation to purchase anything. However, for every person at the party who purchases
prints, books a portrait sitting, or orders other merchandise, you will receive credit toward your
own prints, portrait sittings, or merchandise. Additionally, you will earn a free portrait sitting**
just for hosting the party. See below for detailed information on credits and discounts you will

Benefits for Party Guests: All guests of parties (including the host/hostess) who order prints or
book portrait sittings will also benefit. I will give 20% off portrait sittings and  prints booked or
ordered within a week of the party. Additionally, if guests book their own portrait party, they will
earn a free portrait sitting and 50% off one 5x7 or larger print when they host the party. There
are also volume discounts for print orders, and guests also receive credit toward future sitting
fees and prints for each referral who books and pays for a portrait sitting or wedding. See the

prices page
for details on referral credits.

*You will get the best results when parties are booked during daylight hours, but I will do
parties at night as well. However, I may need to use additional lighting if conditions require it.

**Free portrait sitting must happen on the day of the party--either before, during, or after the
party time.  All photos will be available for viewing and purchasing within 48 hours of the party,
and you will be able to view photos on my computer on the day of the party.