This was my first entry in a photo contest, and it won
first prize.  You can see the photo online at and in print in the
November/December 2006 issues of
West Suburban
Living Magazine
This photo was chosen to be displayed at Cantigny
Park in Wheaton, IL for all of 2007. Visitors to the
museum voted on their favorites, and this photo won
third place. Thank you to all who voted for me!
The photo to the left was also on display at the Visitor's
Center at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL.  It was chosen along
with Fan of Ascension as one of 20 winning photos. I
dedicate it to my mom who convinced me to enter it into the
contest even though I didn't think it was good enough.  Do
moms always know best?
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Helena Maxwell Photography
Award Winning Photos
Fan of Ascension
Courting Perspective
Incandescent Wings
I entered the above photos into a contest in Glenn, Michigan (in three different categories),
and each one won a prize. The photo of the man and his dog on the snowy beach won first
prize in its category and first prize overall, and the dog and the flower in the glass each
won second prize in their categories. I was humbled and embarrassed to win prizes in each
category, but truthfully, I had beautiful subjects, so the rest was easy. Thanks to my mom
for asking me to enter.
This photo won first prize for color photographs at a
Juried Photography Exhibition at Graue Mill in Oak
Brook, IL. The Exhibition will be at the Graue Museum
from October 2nd through October 28th. I was walking
in the city one day when I walked by this restaurant
and saw the shot. Fortunately, I had my camera.
Thanks to all of my friends at DeVry Online who helped
me choose this one over a couple of others!